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About us

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Tony Hegewald

Senior Solution Consultant

Ever since I first got involved with digital marketing and the idea of orchestrating a customer journey at the university, this has been a passion. I took the first steps in a small agency as an online marketing manager, supervising customer websites, onlineshops, Google Analytics and Adwords accounts. Here I took care of various campaigns, starting with creating visibility through SEO and SEA, then leading prospects through the customers’ offers up to the conversion on the website.

From 2017 to 2021 I worked at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions where I got to know different marketing automation tools like Salesforce and SAP Marketing Cloud, Mautic and MS Dynamics 365 Marketing. Here I was also able to focus even more on subjects like customer experience, process automation and customer journeys.

Since 2021 I am an employee at Salesforce where my main topic is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud as well as the tools and business issues around it. The work on this blog is maintained by me and is not officially supported by Salesforce.

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de Paly

Marketing Automation Consultant

I’m in the fortunate position to do a job that I really love. It wasn’t what I set out to do when I left school but a result of an interesting hike towards where I am now. After some indecision I started my professional education in tourism and that still influences me today, more than 10 years after leaving the industry. Tourism is all about providing great experiences for your guests and clients while making it look easy with a smile. For me that’s almost exactly what Marketing Automation is about as well: Provide an exceptional customer experience at every stage of the journey by being naturally helpful without becoming the intrusive waiter who surrounds your table like a shark smelling blood.

After 2 years as a Marketing specialist and team lead where I got my first hands on with Salesforce and Marketing Cloud (back then it was ExactTarget) to bring Social and e-mail together I went into a project management and consulting role at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH in Dresden, Germany – which is now officially Deutsche Telekom MMS – and started to build the practice around Salesforce Marketing Solutions. While now and then I like to do some nerdy AMPScript stuff like back in the days my focus today is the process side of things where Marketing comes out to play with Customer Service and Sales. The latter one is the reason why Pardot also became part of my ever growing realm of interest with interesting projects.

If it wouldn’t sound like the hero of bullshit bingo I would rather call myself Salesforce Experience Automation Consultant.

The work on this blog is maintained by me and does not express or constitute the opinion of Deutsche Telekom MMS or any other part of the Telekom world of companies and brands.

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